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Evensong (1991)

for Solo Soprano, 4 Tenors, Baroque Oboe, Vielle, Baroque Violin, & 5 Violas da gamba Or Solo Soprano, 4 Tenors, Oboe, & Organ (Score

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Duration: 36 min.

Premiered (7 March 1992) at Lindsay Chapel, Emmanuel Church, Boston
Scott Metcalfe, Director and Baroque violin; Heather Knutson, soprano; Rob Dobson, Richard Duguay, Daniel McCabe and Art Rawding, Tenors; Owen Watkins, Baroque oboe; Shira Kammen, violle, and Janet Haas, Carol Lewis, Lynn Tetenbaum and Emily Walhout, violas da gamba
Text by Patricia Van Ness (English), trans. into Latin by Richard Schenk, O.P. and Marianne Schlosser


Border art by Patricia Van Ness
"Cloister Garden #3" (2015) 8½" x 15½"
No Pattern Embroidery
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