P A T R I C I A    V A N    N E S S



My true love breathes into me
nothing but love,
and tells me,
“Amidst all, there is nothing but loving-kindness;
everything is love.”
Rose petals float on the water
— hundreds; a milky way —
gliding above golden fragments.
My true love sails with me in a blue, blue ship,
blue as the blue of the cradling sea,
as the blue twilit air where my true love breathes.
Amidst all, there is nothing but love.

June 2023


I am held in a multitude of greens,
beauty so abundant, all creation stills.
Wood smoke caresses air as evening gathers,
softening grief, protecting with pure love.
This life, replete,
is filled with precious things that I see and taste;
read in the quiet night;
feel in spirit, like warm water over cold hands.
I am held, I am held in a multitude of greens,
leaves holding me, luminous,
chrystalline, joyous
loving-kindness shining through;
beauty so abundant, all creation stills.



1. Spring

Spring is sacred! Spring is a song!
Chickadees, filled with grace,
wildly sing with open hearts,
loved and loving and made of love!
Fragile petals gaze rapt at the heavens,
drinking in golden sunshine and wind-bright rain.
Everything is sacred; everything is a song;
everything, everything is love!

2. Summer

Each golden bit of dust gathered on the roadside
and glimmering on wildflowers
is love, a song of love,
with diamonds hidden within in tiny specks,
loved and loving and filled with love;
and when the fine rain begins
and the healing smell of water on dry land rises like a plume,
that plume, that wonderful ageless smell, is love.
Everything is love, and loves, and is beloved.

3. Autumn

Every vein of every leaf is beloved,
and they love in return
as they drift down, laughing,
from their little perches on the twigs
— temporary summer homes —
and the twigs on the stems, and the stems on the branches,
and the branches on the great stalks of the trees themselves
wave them goodbye with cheers and hoorays,
for they thank the singing, laughing leaves
for the nourishing love they add
to the loving-kindness of their earth.

4. Winter

In the firelit room the sofa,
loved and loving,
waltzes with the chair in a sweet ballet,
while outside the night snow sings
from a sky of loving-kindness,
drifting in exquisite flakes in nine-eight time
in music as old as love.
Everything is sacred!
Everything is a song!
Through Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter,
everything, everything is love!

March 2023


In the night, beyond thought, exists only love.
The cup I hold in my hand is love,
and loves, and is filled with love;
and the water within the cup is love;
and the room that holds the cup loves;
is filled with love; is your love.

In the quiet night, the sea breathes,
drawing in,
flowing out,
drenched in your love.

March 2013


Border art by Patricia Van Ness
"Cloister Garden #3" (2015) 8½" x 15½"
No Pattern Embroidery
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