P A T R I C I A    V A N    N E S S


“Patricia Van Ness’s poetry speaks directly to the heart and her music, with its supple melodies and austere harmonic language, is exquisite. Her vibrant spirituality, innate musicality, and commitment to the excellence of her creative work are tremendously inspiring.”
—Scott Metcalfe, Music Director, Blue Heron

Brief Instructions:

  1. All scores may be freely downloaded for perusal. If you wish to make copies for performance, a donation of $1.00 per copy is kindly suggested. Thank you.
  2. Please note that all scores are copyrighted by Patricia Van Ness and the titles registered with ASCAP.
  3. For comments or inquiries, or to notify Patricia Van Ness of use of her music, please contact her.


Border art by Patricia Van Ness
"Cloister Garden #3" (2015) 8½" x 15½"
No Pattern Embroidery
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