P A T R I C I A    V A N    N E S S

My True Love

My True Love (2023)

for Solo Oboe and 'Cellos; Solo Soprano. Parts transcribed for Organ.

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Duration: 3.5 min.

Text by Patricia Van Ness

My true love breathes into me nothing but love, and tells me,
“Amidst all, there is nothing but loving-kindness;
everything is love.”

Rose petals float on the water — hundreds; a milky way —
gliding above golden fragments.

My true love sails with me in a blue, blue ship,
blue as the blue of the cradling sea,
as the blue twilit air where my true love breathes,
“Amidst all, there is nothing but love.”


Border art by Patricia Van Ness
"Cloister Garden #3" (2015) 8½" x 15½"
No Pattern Embroidery
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